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New Release! Volume 2


If Houses Could Talk: Ot the Stories They Would Tell

If Houses Could Talk: Oh The Stories They Would Tell Vol 2 – Paperback

Memories of an old house
I’m old, abandoned and falling down. My once steady piers are sinking into the ground.
The creaks in my frame are growing louder each day. I know my walls will soon give way.
In my loneliness I often reminisce. About my family whom I truly miss.
They built me with their own hands and gave me life.
I was their haven and home through happiness and strife.
I can still hear the little girls that live within my walls. Running, laughing and playing with their dolls.
Their parents visiting in my kitchen, without a care. With the smell of brewing coffee filling the air.
Talking about their hopes and their dreams. Only a short time ago it seems.
Yet many years have gone by. Some of the family left and some of them died.
I cherish my memories of long ago because deep down in my frame, I know.
That even though I am made of nails and wood, my life has been truly good.      

Lela Suttee

 About  the  Book 

If Houses Could Talk – Volume 1

Stories by the house

Stories as told by the house over the years


If Houses Could Talk: Ot the Stories They Would Tell

If Houses Could Talk: Oh The Stories They Would Tell Paperback

If houses could talk, oh the stories they would tell of the people who live there their happiness their hell. The paint on the wall would certainly convey whether their lives were colorful or dismal gray. Would the chandelier shine within its room. Or would it be darkened because of their gloom? The water that remains on the window pane, is it their tears or last night’s rain? Would it love its owner, or have disdain? Would it be happy or sad that they remain? Are their stories one it would tell or keep hidden within it’s shell? Only the house could truthfully say, what went on in its rooms of the many yesterdays.                                                      

Lela Suttee

 About  the  Book 

My stories are told by the houses in which my characters live. This book consists of three different houses telling their story.  Each is quite different from the other.  First is Elijah Sims modest house in Texas. He built it for his beloved Sarah. Then came a tragedy that changed his life forever.

Second is Alexander Savant’s mansion in sunny California. He is a musician and it appears that his only concern in life is to be rich and famous. However when Emmy Montgomery enters his life the truth is revealed.

Third is a three-story Victorian home in Michigan. It houses a well-to-do family with a big secret.

So venture back in time with the houses as they tell their story.

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Read some reviews:

  • I truly enjoyed reading this book . Usually I don’t read short stories, but these were delightful because I felt I got to know the characters quickly and cared for them immediately, which is not always true in such a short reading. I will definitely look for future books by MS Suttee. I lived in many houses growing up, so this unique concept appealed to me; I could relate. Thank you for the great read.                                      Patsy    Varley
  • Great book with likable characters including the houses, who have great senses of humor. There are three stories in this book with each story pulling at different heart strings. I loved that there were three different surprise endings to look forward to at the end of each story. Looking forward to the follow up book in this wonderful series.
    Ann  Sims
  • First of all I would like to say I have never been a reader.when I purchased If houses could talk I really don’t know what I was thinking cause if I read it it would be a miracle. After detailing a house one day ” I clean houses ” I decided to read a little and I was blown away. It really makes you stop and think if houses could talk.. .great book waiting for the next one!
    Sheryl Hayley
  • An incredible book from first time author Lela Suttee. Masterful story telling: I couldn’t put it down and read it all in a day. Told from the point of view of three houses, three stories that are suspenseful and romantic… A real page turner. Highly recommended read! Looking forward to her next book with eagerness!
    Lori McIntosh
  • Hi..I bought your book at a signing in San Angelo, TX.  I was so excited to tell my mom that I actually bought a book to read.  My mom reads all the time.  So I read the book on a trip to Montana to see my brother.  The stories were so heart felting.  I’m not a cryer but my eyes were tearing up on the plane reading.  Mom knew it must be good if it made me emotional.  I loved it!!  My mom just read it this week.  We are so excited for the 2nd one!!  Thank you!
  • Tracy Turpin
  • I enjoyed these sweet,simple stories.The characters were likable but the houses personalities shone! I can barely wait for her next book!
    Carla Coffee

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